Korea National Assistive Technology

Korea Assistive Technology Center(KNAT), the start of an independent living and higher quality lives for people with disabilities!
We provide supports such as consultation, evaluation, aid and management on assistive devices to the people with disabilities and family members residing in Korea. KNAT executes policy projects of the Division of Self-sufficiency for Persons with Disabilities from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
KNAT As the starting line of an independent living and the last bastion to return after utilizing various support programs over ones lifetime, we assist welfare and technological support to the people with disabilities.

Main Areas of Work

Policy research and development project relevant Assistive Technology
- AT policies and Services Research Projects : Study on the Improvement of Institutional Improvement System, Effectiveness study relevant AT
- Policy support project : Policy seminar
- National AT Basic plan & Establishment of Short/Long term Roadmap for Develop : Investigation of government AT support projects for disable people, Understand the current situation for nationalwide AT project, Analysis the government AT support projects, Research the AT Basic data

Education Trainings Policy Public Relations Tours
- Planning and pushing ahead with Educational Services for Effective Service Activities in Korea : Provide the assistive device professional trainings, Center visiting programs and Exhibitions
- PR for AT policy & service informaion & national assistance etc : Online PR (Website, SNS pages), Offline resources (Brochure such as leaflet and manual booklets)

Collecting & Superintend Assistive Devices Information, To Build & Provide DataBase
- Searching AT devices & national assistance for according to personal qualifications
- Providing suitable AT devices for context and purpose
- Quick keyword search
- Searching AT devices according to the item code of the Ministry of Health & Welfare
- 1670-5529 nationwide AT Call Center concurrent operations

Support the nationwide AT center operations and management
- Supporting local AT centers for effective business performance
- Evaluation and Performance Management for the AT center
- Sep up to Standardized & Systematic guideline for business operations
- Promote public networks to regional service hub function

Monitoring the users of Assistive Devices & usage conditions
- Invetigation for AT using condition, supply current situation, necessary study
- the Projects redardng the AT devices use and safety

International cooperation relevant Assistive Technology
- Interchange Information, Technology etc. & Cooperation on Advanced foreigns related to AT policy, Trends
- WHOs Global cooperation on Assisitive Technology(GATE) through practical supply plan

National Assistive Technology Centers Nationwide Network (2017 basis)

- Seoul Main AT Center
- Gyeonggi-do Province AT Center
- Gyeongsangnam-do Province AT Center
- Gwangju Metropolitan City AT Center
- Daegu Metropolitan City AT Center
- Daejeon Metropolitan City AT Center
- Busan Metropolitan City AT Center
- Incheon Metropolitan City AT Center
- Chungcheongbuk-do Province AT Center
- Jeollabuk-do Province AT Center
- Jeju Special Self-Governing Province AT Center
National Assistive Technology Centers Nationwide Network

How to use KNAT service

contact to nationwide call center 1670-5529, website knat.go.kr
- Find out eligibility & procedures for assistance governmental or non-governmental fundings that one can receive,
- Provides AT devices purchasing information, Counseling all about AT service